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Factory Fresh USAAF Livery

Factory Fresh USAAF Livery

类型 - 涂装
作者 - whiplash822
日期 - 2015-01-09 05:55:02
Fresh off the assembly line!

I didn't know this until recently but the wings on a newly minted mustang were painted at the factory. This was done in order to keep the top part of the wing as smooth as possible so as not to disrupt the laminar flow. All the rivet holes were filled and then painted over but the control surfaces were left bare. I tried to imitate that with this livery.

2.0 Edit:

1. Removed the smoke stains from the guns.
2. Reorganized the description.lua file to match Shahdoh's standards. Hopefully this will eliminate some errors with the pilot texture not loading correctly in multiplayer.
3. Took some inspiration from VH-Rocks spec layer from his recent mustang skin pack and changed the painted area of this spec layer from green to grey. I think it makes the painted area of the wings look a little more realistic.

Thanks everyone for your input.
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