Waldemar Wübke's "Red 3" of JV 44

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Waldemar Wübke's "Red 3" of JV 44

Waldemar Wübke's "Red 3" of JV 44

类型 - 皮肤
作者 - Jasate
日期 - 13.11.2014 05:05
Includes versions with and without swastika.

One of the four famous planes of "Sachsenberg schwarm", protecting Me 262's of Adolf Galland's JV 44 on takeoff and landing. Bottom is painted in the typical red with white stripes, and "Im auftrage der Reichsbahn" is written on the port side of the fuselage. Captured by allies at the end of the war.

- Versions with and without swastika
- Custom weathering
- New custom normal and spec maps
- Texture files are now less compressed and higher quality (Minimal to no effect on performance, though higher filesize in return)

Installation, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2 is IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
#1 Unzip folder to DCSWorld/Bazar/Liveries/FW-190D9
#2 In skin folder, choose from two sub-folders for swastika or clean and copy file to main folder with other files (Skin won't work properly if you miss this step!)
#3 In DCS, sel ect "Payload" tab in Mission Planner and select the skin fr om the Paint Scheme dropmenu below
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