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23 December 2022

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Our WWII warbirds and the Yak 52 have received our new engine cooling model. This sophisticated re-write includes improved oil and water/glycol radiator simulation as well as aftercooler and intercooler behavior, in addition to correct fuel mixture cooling effects. Radiator effectiveness and drag modeling is much more efficient programmatically, permitting the simulation of all engine emergency states – coolant and oil loss, oil pressure loss, coolant system depressurization, overheating, etc.

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2022 DCS Winter Sale

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Warbird Cooling

Development Report

Spitfire LF MK IX

The various cooling systems are now better connected to the new damage model, giving new options for correct engine and systems management after being hit. For example, if one of the two radiators in the Bf-109 is punctured, it can be cut off with a special valve, and then the system can keep functioning with half the effectiveness but still pressurized. The new coolant system means that if there is a puncture towards the upper part of the coolant tank, they depressurise to atmospheric and thus with a low boiling temperature. The visual steam effect size now naturally depends on the type of leakage, either from a safety valve or from a bullet hole.

Another new feature is a new model for bulk boiling occurring when the system is depressurized, and its temperature is higher than the boiling temperature for the ambient pressure. The coolant flow now depends on the system’s temperature and pressure, the total area of all bullet holes and the ambient pressure.

A small but pleasant addition is different kinds of available coolants, from pure water to a winter type coolant with their different physical parameters.

Merry Christmas!

DCS 2022 Christmas Sale

F-16C Viper

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