Alternative (2048x2048) wet deck map for the Supercarrier. Alternative (2048x2048) wet deck map for the Supercarrier. This is a first version. Will probably be updated once SSLR reflections are enabled for the SC. It includes water dispaced by the wind from the padeyes and other features to resemble the complexity of a large structure under heavy wind and rain.<br /> <br /> By jafergon Mod English DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 05/24/2020 21:34:50
日期: 05/24/2020
Hi ! This is an improve and overall rework of the textures of the Mirage 2000C (and it elements). In 8K. Using Photoshop and real life photo for texturing and datas. --- It don't really look as a pro work that can be made recently by real devs teams. And it don't seem to approach the quality of ...
日期: 01/29/2020
New Mk 8X bomb texture with ablative covering and light gray BLU Hi there This is a request fr om Greekbull. This is a simply mod with shift the standard green tone Mk 8X bombs with the BLU light gray and with a new normal map to reproducing the ablative covering ...
日期: 01/24/2019
Cockpit PBR texture mod for RAZBAM M-2000C - Work In Progress Testing some modifications on the PBR texture, first focusing on the gauges scratches and reflections. Work in progress, it's inspired by watermanpc mod for the M-2000C (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator....
日期: 03/23/2018
Skin made on Adobe Photohop CS6 x64 "Suzy" 25e Hyperion Sqd - Freeware - Enjoy This is my first texture for DCS so it will replace the one called "Gentleman jim" in your liveries folder, be sure to create a backup of it before you copy and paste my skin to the folder. You can ask me for any texture you want, this is my first, its not perfect ...
日期: 06/01/2017
New texture, to the base of FARP This Mod changes the texture of the base Farp. Includes texture for Fall, Summer, Spring and Winter, and the necessary mod created by HungaroJet. The installation is described in the pdf file. Any questions, please consult: ...
日期: 08/07/2014
This is a ground texture mod for all four seasons and colour matched to existing DCS World textures. It includes my mountain textures. Mod Any language DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 09/29/2013 11:01:45 5914
日期: 09/16/2013
DCS SU-27 external 3D model texture templates. By GK GK Skin Any language Su-27 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 2145
日期: 05/23/2013
Special skin for skin designers. Shows where what on the official template texture map shows where on the aircraft. We wanted to create a custom skin for our formation flying but couldn't locate where to place marks for formation alignment. Therefore I created this skin, now it is easy. :) Installation: Extract and copy ...
日期: 03/08/2020
The cockpit skin is for Chinese friends who can't read English. If you don't know Chinese, you can leave this page. 安装步骤:\n1、将压缩文件解压到DCS World/Mods/aircraft/FA-18C/\n2、在游戏设置里找到专用设置的F/A-18C选项卡的可选驾驶舱,选择Chinese即可<br />注意事项:\n1、DCS World是游戏安装目录而不是C:/User(用户)/当前登录用户/SavaGame(保存的游戏)/DCS World\n2、Cockpit是覆盖燃油计量表的贴图,虽然不会触发红盾,但是游戏更新时仍然将其还原 Skin Chinese DCS: World 2.5 F/A-18C Hornet Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 12/20/2019 00:10:13 437
日期: 12/20/2019

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