This is a fictional repaint of the Mirage 2000C in the scheme of the Rafale Solo Display 2017.  I have sought to replicate the airshow display plane flown in 2017 by "Marty" Martinez.     Tested  in DCS 2.5.4.  This pack includes new textures for the plane, fuel tanks, pilot and patches.  I hope you enjoy this skin....
日期: 12/28/2018
This a pack of 3 skins of specific liveries used by the aerobatic Team Couteau Delta, flying Mirage 2000D two seaters IRL. - Ouadi Doum commemorative livery (already available), Esc 3/3 Ardennes - 100 years of SPA 95 , Esc 1/3 Navarre - 100 years of SPA 153, Esc. 1/3 Navarre Skin Any language Any version M-2000C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 05/05/2018 07:40:53 1876
日期: 10/19/2017
... Libya against Chad. (more here: This livery , worn by a real 2000D, commemorates the event. (see: As usual, thanks to Frenchy for the template and Speckfire for the specular file. NB: Specular files ...
日期: 03/05/2017

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