Familiarize yourself with the A-10C II and its new weapons on Caucasus Map. A Russian Rapid Deployment Force took control of a neighboring Air Base. They are well equipped and hostile. The Russians are currently carrying out a heavy artillery strike on one of our supply convoys, preventing its progression. It is also under harassment by Russian infantry but seems to be managing the situation. Do not hesitate to bring him a Close Air Support ASAP. The convoy will signal the enemy presence on...
日期: 10/16/2020
Familiarize yourself with the A-10c II and its new weapons. Intelligence informed us of the presence of insurgents at an oil extraction complex near Palmyra. Clean the area of ​​vermin. Syria map required. Your constructive criticisms, encouragement are welcome. Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 A-10C II Tank Killer Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 10/16/2020 21:21:33 172.0000
日期: 10/16/2020
This mission will involve the carpet bombing of an industrial infrastructure by seven B52's and then the specific and precise destruction of three chemical plants by you. Intel has confirmed that three of sixteen chemical plants within the industrial complex are actually manufacturing illegal substances. The industrial complex is an entire small residential community with manufacturing in the middle of the desert. To avoid collateral damage, the mission requires a delicate operation after the bombers...
日期: 06/13/2020
Requires the Normandy Map and the DCS World WarII assets pack. If you want to bomb and bomb some more, this mission will have you all bombed out. The year is 2120 and scientists have invented time travel. You and your Hornet will be going back in time to alter the outcome of World War Two. Your objective is to destroy a large part of the oil production for the tanks of Germany. Your aircraft has 100's of bombs to destroy ships, oil storage tanks, derricks and everything marked red on the ground....
日期: 12/13/2019

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