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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Blue Angels Equipment

Blue Angels Equipment

类型 - 模组
作者 - Tommy27
日期 - 16.07.2020 12:36
Equipment for use in the Blue Angels demo. Current Version For:

Blue Angel Mods by Coop #3580, Thomaz #3537 and Razor #1289

A set of mods for use in the Blue Angels demo. Recommended with use of OVGME.

Also highly recommend using Bummer's cockpit textures as well as Coop's excellent Blue Angels skins both available here.
NOTE: This mod is made to be up to date for the latest "OPEN BETA" only. It may work in previous Release or Open Beta versions but with the possibility of instability.
Current Version For:

3/18/20 - v44266
Fixed Arm light at high density altitude.
Reduced wear on stopwatch.

3/21/20 - v45317
Fixed sounds not working (Moved to saved games).

4/17/20 - v47224
Added Coop's neat menu music
Updated essential files
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5/26/20 - v49718
Updated essential files

7/15/20 - v52196
Updated essential files

- A fully working stopwatch.
- Functional smoke and arming lights.
- Comm Cart and Artificial Show Line ground objects. (Missions may need to be remade if made prior to 2.5.6)
- Working inverted fuel pump lights(cosmetic).
- A "Spring" you can add to your stick that doesn't run through the FCS. i.e. Traditional trim method.
- Custom smoke button that turns smoke off when in afterburner.
- Afterburner clicks for the left throttle.
- Ability to extend or retract boarding ladder.
- Restored Net Arguments for Y-Axis head movement, wing flex, and ladders.
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