Eastern Friendship - An F-16C Single Player Mission by Sedlo (v1.3)

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DCS: World 2.5
Eastern Friendship - An F-16C Single Player Mission by Sedlo (v1.3)

Eastern Friendship - An F-16C Single Player Mission by Sedlo (v1.3)

类型 - 单人任务
作者 - SEDLO
日期 - 26.10.2019 12:38
** update Oct.26, 2019 ** v1.3 - Added radio freqs to in game mission brief
** update Oct.14, 2019 ** v1.2 - Now a Cold Start / Changed conditions a bit to make it easier for wingman to engage targets
** update Oct.13 2019  ** Slight adjustment for some triggers, fixed some erroneous text messages

Last night, a Georgian armoury was attacked by Russian backed separatist guerillas and a number of heavy weapons, including APCs, ZSU-23 Shilkas, were stolen.  Intelligence suspects that the stolen armour is heading east in order to escape into South Ossetia.  Your job is to provide close air support in the hunt for the stolen weapons.

**** MISSION BRIEFING DOCUMENT CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10mlSe4QGjueYbbk18a0niGEFJ9dD6cvs/view?usp=sharing ****


You are the lead pilot of Colt 5 flight of 2 F-16Cs based at Kutaisi Airbase in northern Georgia.  Colt 5 is sitting alert ready to support NATO and Georgian ground forces.  Rumour is that Badger 1 is hot on the tail of the stolen armour.  

The weather is not great, a low overcast of 10000ft will keep close air support right in the heart of the AAA and MANPAD envelope.  We have already lost 2 NATO aircraft to hostile fire, so make sure to employ liberal use of flares when flying in proximity to hostile forces.


COLT 5  -  F-16C x 2       CAS Alert 5
COLT 9  -  CF-18 x 2        CAS Alert 15
FORD 1  -  M2000C x 2   CAP Airborne
NTMR 4 -  CF-18 x 2       CAP Alert 15



1.  You will have to change radio frequencies in this mission - Easy Comms are disabled.

2.  You can use the Radio Menu to give orders to your wingman, and to get information from MAGIC.

3.  This mission requires you to fly to, and over, waypoint 2 on departure, plus fly to, and over, waypoint 5 upon returning to base (UNLESS CLEARED TO TURN PRIOR BY MAGIC OR ATC)

4.  This functionality of this mission's triggers and actions are
dependent on you NOT CHANGING THE WEAPONS LOADOUT!  Doing so may break your mission, and that sucks!  


6.  If you do make it back to base, keep in mind that you are in a combat zone and are expected to fly the overhead break to land.  

7.  Yes, there are custom kneeboards.
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