FA-18C Cockpit Cosmetic Pack v2.1

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
FA-18C Cockpit Cosmetic Pack v2.1

FA-18C Cockpit Cosmetic Pack v2.1

类型 - 模组
作者 - watermanpc
日期 - 29.06.2019 05:14
FA-18C Cockpit Cosmetic Pack is a cockpit texture pack with added details.

The FA-18C Cockpit Cosmetic Pack features:

-Removed most of the rugosity for parts that shouldn't have it from the bump maps so they have a smoother surface.
-Hud and projector glass material with reflective effect.
-Analog gauges and AVTR cameras glass material.
-Removed canopy reflections and added glass material instead.
-Removed pre-baked DDI reflections.
-Improved DDI's and AMPCD material and weathering.
-Cleaned Hud dashboard both color and material.
-Adjusted materials for some parts.
-Added realistic dust effect over dashboard, arround screws and some other parts.
-Added some material weathering over most visible parts.


-Added detailed weathering for the gauges' glass surface.
-Added weathering to canopy frame handles and wires (and material).
-Improved AVTR cameras glass coating.
-Slightly increased reflectivity of the canopy glass.
-Added very subtle glossy effect for the canopy edges.
-MP IC pass version included (some glass effect wont be available when using this version like gauges, hud and canopy).


-Added weathering effect to the canopy glass material.

Install using JSGME. Inside the rar file there are 2 folders containing the Single player (SP) version and the Multi player version (MP). You can install only one of them of your chose or both versions at the same time, however, if you want to play online (pass IC check) you must to not install/UNINSTALL the "SP" version, then inside DCS sel ect the "Watermanpc" cockpit skin fr om the special Hornet cockpit tab menu.

**Note: Screens may not represent the latest updated version.

**Note 2: If you downloaded the v2.0 in the first 10 hours since release, please, download again as I included by mistake an old file on it. New upload contains the latest file.  Not a critical thing but you wont have bump effect on the weathered canopy andles. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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