12 January 2024

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that the New Year has started well. For those of you who may have missed it, please check out our 2024 and Beyond video. 2024 will see the introduction of the Vulkan API which will offer better frame rates for most players as well as new graphical capabilities such as ray tracing and improved VR performance.

In addition to new aircraft, terrains and Vulkan API, DCS core will see many new features, as well as bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback and requests. 

New modules and core improvements will be developed in conjunction with work on existing modules. Please check out the details below.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

Vulkan for DCS

Development Progress

M1A2 Abrams

With the release of multi-threading and DLSS/FSR, the next big core DCS task is the support for the Vulkan Application Programing Interface (API). Multi-threading was a prerequisite to support the Vulkan API backend and enhance system performance/efficiency. 

Much of the Vulkan API work over the past several years has focused on adapting the DCS internal tools to seamlessly integrate with optimized functionality to ensure peak performance. This has been a challenging endeavor to rectify all validation errors, streamlining graphics and processing tasks, improving compatibility with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel hardware and a diverse set of drivers, and creating and refining the groundwork for rendering across multiple threads that will allow even more advanced graphic capabilities.

As we move into 2024, we continue to optimize and refine performance to exceed what is possible with DirectX 11. It is important that we continue to push graphic standards whilst maintaining excellent performance for both 2D, and even more so, VR. 

However, like multi-threading and DLSS/FSR, results will vary between players based on their hardware and settings.

DCS Core

Development Progress

Here are some of the interesting functionality improvements coming to DCS:

Save Game. Our new game persistence system will allow you to save mid-mission and return to that save point at a later time.

Replay System. The current track file system was originally created as a debugging system that simply reproduced game input to construct a replay of the mission. However, this system depends on limited DCS version changes between when the track was recorded and when being played back. The system in development for 2024 is designed to address this and will offer additional capabilities. 

Infantry Unit Improvements. We will be working on new infantry models and animations in 2024 along with more life-like behaviors.

New Air, Ground, and Naval Units. New units will be available in 2024 that will range from World War II to modern day. Each unit requires thousands of man-hours to create and will be provided as optional packs at their highest levels of detail. Standard versions will also be available for free to ensure both single-player and multiplayer compatibility for all.

Graphic Improvements. In addition to the graphic improvements that the Vulkan API will afford, we will also be making improvements to the Render Graph for better VR performance, new and improved special effects, and further advancements in the FLIR rendering system.

Weather. The weather focus for 2024 will be on a new fog system and towering clouds with appropriate line-of-sight blocking.

Voice Chat. 2023 saw great connectivity improvements and a unique, real-time voice processing allowing users to modify voices to replicate different radio eras and technologies. In 2024 we will continue to integrate radios to vehicles, ships, and other units. We also plan external application support and other player-requested features.

Spherical Earth. One of the biggest changes coming to DCS is the Spherical Earth. This substantial work is ongoing however we do not expect to release it this year due to the size of the endeavour.

Dynamic Campaign. Please read our Newsletter for 29 December 2023 where we discuss DCSDC in detail.

Air Traffic Control. Although we have a solid design to provide an exceptional ATC experience, much of the work in 2024 will involve how we generate the voice dialog and create a much-improved interface.

Improved Accessibility. To make DCS more accessible to new players, the Graphic User Interface will be updated to make it more user-friendly and include a Launcher with new capabilities. New interactive missions are also being developed to shallow the learning curve with popular modules like the F/A-18C.

Air-To-Air Missile Development. We plan to migrate the R-27 (AA-10) family and R-73  (AA-11) missiles to a new component structure and flight dynamics. This will be coupled with a new proximity fuse model that accounts for Doppler closing speed, modified seekers, and a more realistic interaction model between the missile and the supporting radar. This will be done within the larger MiG-29 project framework. Other missile types will also be developed in the same way.

Air-To-Ground Munitions. We continue to develop new munitions as well as update existing air-to-ground weapons to include a new component model with advanced flight performance. This includes guided bombs and tactical missiles.

Regarding Anti-Radiation Missiles (ARM), we are developing narrow-band specialized seekers that were used with early ARMs of the 1960 to 1980s prior to the more modern AGM-88 HARM class of missiles with broadband seekers. These older ARMs, such as the AGM-45 Shrike of the Vietnam era, will be modeled with other older ARM systems.

ECM. We are developing more advanced principles of electronic warfare that will allow simulation of a greater variety of electronic warfare attack and countermeasure modes and capabilities. This is a very complex task and confidential subject. We cannot promise quick results, but work is underway to deliver a satisfactory simulation of this opaque area of modern warfare. 

New Landing Gear. A new two-component landing gear system was released for the Mosquito last year. We will continue integrating it to other aircraft this year. We plan a separate newsletter article that will explain the new capabilities and what it brings to landing gear behaviors.

Module Support

Development Progress


In parallel with the development of the new modules discussed in last week’s newsletter, we will also continue to update, fix, and improve existing aircraft and maps. Some of these efforts include, but are not limited to:

Radar Improvements. In 2023 we released both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the radar improvements for the F-16C and F/A-18C. Phase 3 efforts will continue with a focus on better Single Target Track (STT) simulation, false target generation, and more realistic look-down effects.

Data Transfer Card (DTC). For each aircraft, the DTC consists of a variety of areas that are first modeled such as datalink, navigation, radio, weapons, sensors, and more. Once these elements are completed, they will be organized into a unified DTC interface.

Fuze Settings. All modern aircraft will benefit from the new and more advanced fuzing options first introduced for our WWII modules. This includes the new payload interface in the Mission Editor and Rearm/Refuel Window that will allow authentic setting nose and tail fuzes and new 3D rendering of fuze selections. 

DCS: F-16C Viper. Priority work for 2024 includes the Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP), a 1st perspective pilot model, and other improvements like new HUD symbology and RWR Handoff tones.

DCS: F/A-18C. The biggest task for 2024 is a refactoring of the flight model and flight control system, landing gear physics, and improved external lights. Once the new external lighting system is complete for the F/A-18C, this technology will be used for other aircraft modules.

DCS: AH-64D. With the addition of the Fire Control Radar (FCR) core functions, next steps in 2024 include the addition of functions and modes such as LINK and remaining radar modes, new George and Flight commands, and the campaign.

Supercarrier. 2024 will see continued work on the new plane director operations that move aircraft out of the landing area to a parking location. This is in addition to work on the Air Boss deck and Ready Room.

Mosquito FB VI. This year we continue working on the features from the Early access list. Including AI crew members and the Drift recorder.

Rest assured, our other modules and maps will also receive improvements and enhancements.

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F-4E Phantom II

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We hope that the progress on the DCS core is to your satisfaction. Please stay tuned for more details on all the topics mentioned above. Stay healthy and as always, fly safe.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics