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Device Profiles DCS: World Ka-50
KA-50 Thrustmaster Warthog profile

KA-50 Thrustmaster Warthog profile

This archive contains custom switch/ key mapping and controller configurations as well as hints/ links on howto manually customize.

This archive contains configuration files for the controllers mentioned below. It also contains information, hints, and links on howto create custom key-bindings to make your own setup.

In addition it contains a Helios profile, an example of a monitor configuration and additional information on some lua tweeks and game modifications.

* Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle
* Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick
* Saitek Rudder pedals
* Cougar MFCDs

File Name: KA-50 profile.zip
Date created: 31.01.2013 08:28:37
Date modified: 22.05.2013 06:37:37
Size: 2 Mb
Uploaded by: tietze
License: Freeware - Free version, License file included
Downloaded: 1819
Comments: 4
Tags: KA-50, Black Shark, joystick, HOTAS, HOTAS Warthog, MFCD, MFD

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Mrmaverick, 07.05.2014 21:10:00
will this work with the new 1.2.8 patch ? if not will you be updating it? if it dosnt work, what changes need to be done?
tietze, 17.01.2014 20:33:47
gtsr69: it's actually just and old 15 inch screen from which I stripped the outer casing :-)
gtsr69, 15.05.2013 03:45:56
wow i like your set up what kind of monitor is that one under the top screen plz
buedi, 27.03.2013 05:46:38
Wow, what a fantastic package. Thanks for uploading this. I will give this a try ASAP. Looks like this will save me hours from creating my own profile since you´re using the same Hardware than me :-)
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