The PSD file This is the PSD file for my V2a warning sign Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Extra detail layesr for Eagle Dynamics templates (.psd) They include, numbers of the different access doors, as well as notices for the correct maintenance, servicing and ground handling. I recommend deactivating the detail layers and numerals in the original template for better use Skin Any language ...
I made this based on the SU27 PSD template. I made this based on the SU27 PSD template. A lot of work and clicks went into making this. Doing rivets is not fun. It turned out quite nice I think and it is on par with the SU27 PSD template. Basically I took the SU27 PSD and changed ...
Official PSD template of L-39C by ED Skin Any language DCS: L-39 L-39 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Photoshop layered PSD files of pilots P-51. For modders. P-51D 382
This is the template I used to create the pilot skins for default A-10 and legacy (AI) F/A-18 aircraft. The template is 2048x2048 to accommodate the higher resolution F-15C pilot skin, though the original A-10 skin is available as background. Since the F/A-18C pilot skins use the same texture (albeit shaded), I have added USN/USMC units as well.<br /> <br /> The template includes green, desert, and black flightsuits, the SRU-21P survival vest, different unit patches, morale patches...
DCS SU-27 external 3D model texture templates. By GK Su-27 754
PSD file to make new custom skin PSD file to make new custom skin A-10C 02.10.2011 04:40:55 571

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