Indian Air Force skin for C-130 AI after the C-130J-30 Please let me know of discrepancies, may update later. Painted props black to simulate Dowty Propellers on Rolls Royce AE2100D3s! Also added pilot patches Skin English DCS: World Vehicle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 19.11.2020 22:13:31 86
Yup, just a bit more color to the white crew members and less to the black anglo-saxon protestant. Use this for any crew from the Middle East, Southern Europe, South Asia or Latin America. Use WINRAR to unpack, delete top folder if need be and keep the rest. In your MODS directory the structure should look something like this: ...DCS World\_MODS\HueyNonWASPcrew\Bazar\Textures\uh-1\ OR -if you don't use MODS... 1. go to ..DCS World\Bazar\Textures 2. Create a ...

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