As BLUE 1 Group Leader, you will lead your squadron in a sortie over the Channel to engage the approaching Fw190 and Bf109 squadrons.  Destroy both Gruppes, and return back to Ford Air Base.  You MUST park in the repair hangar at Ford to END THE SORTIE.  Comms:  Channel A: Blue Groups 1 & 2  Channel C:  Ford ATC This task is game-based.  You need to earn more than 50 points to have a victorious sortie.  Here are the points breakdown...<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Enemy fighters...
This is an update/improvement to the SQUADRON training mission previously posted.   There is confirmed evidence of an imminent attack on Ford airbase.  Your job will be to lead your squadron to the enemy, destroy all enemy groups, and RTB at Ford air base with minimal casualties. See DESCRIPTION below for details.... Be sure to park in the hangar provided at Ford FACING OUTWARDS to end the mission. Your F10 MENU controls Groups 9 in the air and Group 7 on the ground should you need to scramble them...
This is a fictional skin of the FW-190 D9 Suisse (J-1340). Put the Folder in your JSGME path. Enjoy Skin Any language DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Fw 190 D-9 Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Fw 190D-9 4./JG 2 --- Version 4 --- Fw 190D-9 Jagdgeschwader 2, Januar 1945, flown by Fw. Werner Hohenburg. The aircraft crashed during "Operation Bodenplatte". Textures with or without swastika are included. Other 164
KI with planes, vehicles and ships Multi or singleplayer flyable are P51, Dora, 109K4, 2x MI-8, 2x UH-1 use germanWW2 mod for TigerI tank, Flak37, Uboat, trucks feel free to customize P-51D 13.12.2014 10:12:05 166
Includes versions with and without swastika. "Brown 4" 7./JG26 W. NR. 500647 Includes versions with and without swastika. Other 173
Includes versions with and without swastika. "Yellow 8" III./JG26 W. NR. 600375 Includes versions with and without swastika. Other 181
Includes versions with and without swastika. "Brown 18" 7./JG26 W. NR. 500698 Includes versions with and without swastika. Other 28.09.2014 20:04:16 189
FW-190D9 Blue 4 1945 Non Historical FW-190D9 Blue 4 1945. Other 177
FW-190D9 Red13 JV44 Flown by Hptm. Klaus Faber Focke-Wulf Fw 190D9 Red 13 JV44 Munchen-Riem Germany late April 1945 The pilot of this aircraft has been identified as Hptm. Klaus Faber, a former member of JG27, JG6 and as depicted here JV44. Red 13 was rumoured to be exceptionally fast at low level. Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9, W.Nr. 213240, Oblt. Klaus Faber, Ainring airbase, Austria, May 1945 This aircraft also carried a slogan on the port side with a light hearted connotation to it, 'Rein Muss...

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