Cу-27 для DCS World доступен для скачивания!

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11 ноя
The Fighter Collection и Eagle Dynamics рады сообщить что бета версия Су-27 для DCS World доступна для скачивания с сайта и через автоапдейтер.

Также напоминаем владельцам DCS Горячие Скалы 3: новый Су-27 бесплатен и будет автоматически обновлен в ГС3. Дополнительно покупать его не требуется.

Change Log 1.2.11

DCS World

  • Added Su-27 as separate module
  • Incockpit rotaries have limits now (with mouse wheel usage)
  • Crash on exit after using receive mode for radio communications is fixed
  • Crash if the ship deactivates itself is fixed
  • Crash when performing task: landing, after late activation is fixed
  • Crash if the object deactivates itself is fixed
  • Crash when group (target) is deactivated by a trigger is fixed
  • Crash with input initialization errors is fixed
  • Crash after reload mission by [LShift+R] is fixed
  • Crash on mission exit if message transmitting in progress is fixed
  • An animation freeze of aircraft wheels at big speed is fixed

DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • Manuals updated
  • Added Fw 190 campaign by SiThSpAwN

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • New flight dynamics of Su-27
  • HUD indication of russian fighters are improved
  • Added HUD repeater mod on the HDD of MiG-29 and Su-27/33
  • F-15C, Su-27. Wheel brakes in controls indicator are added
  • Added electric power switch [RShift-L] to all FC aircraft
  • Su-27 AI. Flaps deflection is corrected

DCS MiG-21bis

  • KPP Director Needle is now horizontal (previously anchored on left side)
  • Fixed bolts not moving with canopy/disappearing after jettison.
  • Fixed Pilot Oxygen + Emergency Oxygen usage levels.
  • Fixed various issues with the AC bus.
  • Fixed RSBN needle issues on/around the 0 position.
  • Partially fixed the KPP reset functionality.
  • Fixed warehouse not listing ASO-2 or SPS-141 if stores are limited.
  • Fixed various instances of shaking in hangars during windy weather.
  • Drastically altered afterburner fuel consumption.
  • Added inner and outer markers to altimetre
  • Fixed limited altimeter pressure scale width (scale now moves from 670 -> 790 mmHg)
  • Fixed limited altimeter pressure scale knob movement
  • Fixed Compressed Air usage.
  • Attempted to alleviate sim freezing on aircraft start/initialization
  • Overhauled Gear & Suspension to yield more stable taxiing, landing and takeoff behaviour.
  • Implemented Ground DC Power.
  • Fixed various instances of the Canopy not disappearing when jettisoned or after ejection.
  • Fixed instances of multiple canopies spawning during ejection.
  • Partially Fixed bouncing/rocking after crash-landing the aircraft.
  • Removed Red Padlock Recon sight by default.
  • Fixed various instances of grammatical and spelling errors in most training missions.
  • Fixed incorrect instructions and mission behaviour in A-G Bombardment training mission.
  • Fixed ADI Aircraft Symbol reversal when OFF.
  • Fixed incorrect barometric altimeter pressure indication.
  • Fixed throttle grip only moving in one direction when using the mouse.
  • Revised buggy axis assignments for TDC Range and Target Size