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DCS: World 2.5
Тип файла - Одиночная миссия
Автор - Wexler
Дата - 21.06.2020 09:54:34
6 Missions intended for crosswind training purposes on Normandy map. Include all propellers (Except P47 and newer) + F86F, Mig-15, L-39C.

Crosswind is set as 7 m/s (14 knots) - 90° degree crosswind
Crosswind is set as 14 m/s (27 knots) - 60° degree crosswind
Crosswind is set as 21 m/s (41 knots) - 30° degree crosswind

Turbulence is applied by 1/2/3 m/s -> Bigger wind has bigger turbulence.

Missions designed for LEFT / RIGHT hand crosswind as you please.

REMINDER: Nav Wind in mission description is described as wind TO degrees instead of FR OM as it should be. Mission name wind statetement is correct (hopefully), dont be fooled.

I have worked with 7 m/s as maximum demonstrated crosswind for landing, as this information is most frequent i found for small light aircrafts. This lim it is getting bigger as the crosswind is closer from runway heading.
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