24th Tactical Air Support Squadron "Golden Jaguars" F-16C

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F-16C Viper

24th Tactical Air Support Squadron "Golden Jaguars" F-16C

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - AWACS_Bandog
Дата - 04.02.2023 05:55:15
The 24 Tactical Air Support Squadron was activated on 2 March 2018 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. It was the USAF's Forward Air Controller – Airborne schoolhouse for the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon as well as supporting the joint terminal attack controller qualification course and Weapons School.[9]

The squadron was inactivated during a ceremony at Nellis on 23 December 2020.[10]

This was a requested skin.

Aircraft is based on s/n 90-0747

Pilots wear squadron-accurate patches.

Credit to Porcorosso for their engines.

Please contact me on Discord at AWACS_BANDOG#7420 for any questions or bug-reports, thanks!
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