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DCS: World 2.7

Headcorn Airfield

Загрузил - MrGoodnite
Дата - 02.02.2023 01:49:06
This is mostly for people who play DCS PVE.  

The mods that you have to download to open this base, I have included a link to each one.  IF you get this BASE and you SHARE a mission with this BASE included, the other person must have these mods downloaded for it to work for them.  When you download the base please put it in:   C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta (or whatever version that you use)\missions.  After you download the mission...immediately save the base as a Static Template.
Mods that you will need:  

DCS WWII asset pack

SAM Sites Asset Pack:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/15STKuCIaQcbbjSO_xlDKvREtbYJ67an5/view
(Saved Games\mod\tech)

NATO Ground Forces and Units:  
(go to the bottom of the links page and click "natoGF.7Z" to download Nato Ground Forces and Units)
(Saved Games\mod\tech)

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