Ace Combat - ISAF 6th Fighter Squadron "Black Spiders"

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Ace Combat - ISAF 6th Fighter Squadron "Black Spiders"

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Загрузил - Wyvern613
Дата - 29.11.2022 08:40:38
Ace Combat inspired skin for the J-11A.    - by AWACS_Bandog

With the immediate threat of Ulysses over, but the spectre of war looming, the Government of Ugellas sought to improve its Military considerably in 1998. Making a deal with the newly formed Gründer industries, the Ugellasian Air Force upgraded their 24 J-11A Flankers-L to a standard that would more align with their FCU Allies.

Better Avionics, Weapons upgrades and the ability to field precision strike weapons with underslung Targeting pods put the performance of their J-11B above its counterparts.

However, the upgrades were not fully implemented in 2003 when the Eruseans marauded across the country. The 6th Fighter Squadron "Black Spiders" was deployed to hold the line at all cost. For hours the pilots fought a desperate losing battle of never ending sorties and precision strike missions relying on ground spotters or other aircraft to mark their targets.

Eventually all was for not when the military was forced to retreat and the Government capitulated under Erusean rule.

Thought like many ISAF squadrons, the loss of their country would not spell the end of the Spiders. Bruised and angry their pilots would be vicious attackers against the Erusean air force, fighting valiantly until their eventual return to Ugellas as liberators in mid 2005.
This is not intended as a replica of an Ace Combat squadron within the lore.

Pack comes with two skins and custom RoughMets

* Operational pattern

* Ace Skin : LtCol Alexander "Beelzebub" Cross

Original for the Su-27 by AWACS_Bandog:
Converted by me.
RoughMet by me.
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