T-45 C Coshawk Round Robin

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DCS: World 2.7

T-45 C Coshawk Round Robin

Загрузил - HvanE
Дата - 26.11.2022 05:14:38
Practice navigational session to get familiar with cockpit setup and systems management.

Navigational Round Robin starting and ending at Batumi. Practice:

- Start up
- Cockpit and navigational instrumentation set up
- Taxi for take-off
- INS/GPS navigation plus ILS approach to 2 airports (Touch & Go's) before returning to Batumi (ILS)
- Taxi to parking
- Shutdown

IAS & Altitude at your discretion.

Kneeboard (Checklist by Minsky: THANKS) included.

Note: Kneeboard includes an abbreviated and expanded auto-generated checklist. I have no ideas how to get rid of the auto-generated CL but am open to suggestions.

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