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F-16C Viper


Загрузил - Luicia
Дата - 23.11.2022 15:31:47
As a Greek F-16 pilot you will fly an exercise. You will take off from Paphos in a crosswind and after some practice drops you will fly back to Paphos.

The wind is blowing at 25 knots from the south, from the sea towards the land. Your objective is to take off on runway 29, attack ground targets, land & taxi safely to the eastern apron.

( If anyone has flown the "Crab Landing" mission - this new mission has basically been supplemented with the exercise that was missing in the old one. )

This is a simple mission where you can learn about the F-16's flight characteristics in crosswind conditions and the problems of engaging targets in the strong crosswind. Clouds may also limit visibility in this mission.

Ideally, you will fly according to the flight plan. A bombing pattern is suggested. All necessary information is included in the briefing sheet.


No modifications are required. No voice messages included - some radio messages are supplemented by text. Single mission.

The mission is a single mission. However, I have added three clients. In case more than one player wants to fly. Two cold & one hot start.


Use AA/AAQ-28 Litening.
Drop GBU-12
Use AGM-65D
Takeoff, landing & A/G in strong crosswinds
Taxi in crosswind
Follow a flight plan
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