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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet


Загрузил - Atroh
Дата - 30.07.2022 02:06:50
Task: Intercept and shot down Tango.

Mission for minimum 4 pilots.

Planes available: A-10C II, F-14B, F-16CM, F/A-18 Lot20, AV-8B
Helicopters available: AH-64D, UH-1H, Ka-50

Bigboss is on the ropes, his only possibility of salvation is the escape and this has not been long in coming.
We put our best agents to his ribs, we keep him in hand but...

Now we need YOU!!!

Only those who are absurd to be a true secret agent can hope to succeed in the company I propose, all the others ... well ... I guarantee healthy fun for the whole family!!

note by the author: It is my first mission, I don't ask for clemency on the contrary, the opposite. If anything you think that it does not work as it should or if, simply for your personal taste, I don't like something, I ask you to let me know. Criticisms will surely help me improve, thanks to those who want to fly my mission (decidedly inspired). And...of course, sorry for my bad english.
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