Havoc's Quick Autostart for C-101CC and C-101EB

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DCS: World 2.7
C-101 Aviojet

Havoc's Quick Autostart for C-101CC and C-101EB

Загрузил - anonymous
Дата - 01.05.2022 00:20:55
Optimized autostart script that takes 2m25s (default script takes 3m45s) and completes several common post-start procedures.

Havoc's Quick Autostart for the C-101CC and C-101EB

This is an optimized autostart sequence designed to get the aircraft up and running as quickly as possible, and complete several common post-startup tasks.  It is a modified version of the default autostart sequence.  It passes IC and is OvGME-ready.

The main differences between this and the default autostart sequence are:
* No checks to make sure initial switch positions are correct.  This assumes the switch positions as they are when the aircraft spawns cold.  (It will probably work even if the switches have been changed though.)
* No control sweeps, light checks, or other system tests of any kind.  Alert messages and lights are cleared so no errors are visible in the caution display.  All systems still work correctly since aircraft are spawned in perfect condition.
* Reduced total startup time to 2m25s instead of 3m45s.
* Does not turn on any external lights.
* Sets up both front and rear cockpit where applicable (oxygen valve, ejection seat safety pin).  Default autostart leaves rear cockpit at cold-start conditions.
* Additional pre- and post-startup procedures:
** Both radios -- On.  Default script does not turn on the radios.
** IFF -- On.  Not sure if this is actually implemented by the module, but it's nice to have it on anyway.
** Gunsight -- On, Manual depression (C-101CC only).  Default startup leaves the gunsight off.

After startup you will only need to set lights and tune radios as needed.  Reminder text is shown after startup is complete.

Any of these settings can be easily disabled or changed in the lua file to suit your preferences.

This startup file is used by both the C-101CC and the C-101EB.  Their startup procedures are almost identical, however there are a few differences such as the radios and the gunsight.  The default startup script uses one file (Macro_sequencies_common.lua) that is called by the individual startup files for the C-101CC and C-101EB; as a result, that common file can only trigger controls that are common to both variants.  To make it possible to customize the startup for each variant, I put all the startup script code into both the individual variant files, and added some logic to check which variant of the plane is running the file.  Then I can trigger commands for that variant.  This allows you to use the same Macro_sequencies.lua file for both airplanes.

The shutdown procedure has also been optimized, mainly to make sure that it restores the aircraft to the cold-start state.

To install, copy the Macro_sequences.lua file to both C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\C-101\Cockpit\C-101CC and to C:\Games\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\C-101\Cockpit\C-101EB (or whatever your game install folder is).  (The Macro_sequencies_common.lua file is still in the Common folder, but is not used for anything now.)

To use, press LWin+Home to autostart, or LWin+End to autostop.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or other problems.

Finally, big thanks to the ED programmers who had the foresight to make this scriptable, and Bailey for the inspiration to make my own.
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