Night Offensive Counter Air

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F/A-18C Hornet

Night Offensive Counter Air

Загрузил - gmangnall
Дата - 29.04.2022 23:49:51
Attack on a randomly parked A-50 AEW at night with signicant Air Defences

For those watched the video on my you tube channel on which is the most capable attack aircraft in DCS  

Here is a tweaked version of the night attack mission shown. The only differences are the additon of an SA10 battery and some Su33's on QRF....both solely their to stop you loitering around which wasn't needed for the video. It's tough...very tough but it's very much doable in the Harrier, hence part of my argument that the Harrier is the most capable attack aircraft....however if you like a challenge and think you can prove me wrong and do it reasonably considtently in other airframes then I'd love you to get it done.

NB I have changed the plane to TF-51 mustang as everyone has it.....but use whatever aircraft you want and whatever weapons you want....but I am really interested in official modules and not mods
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