General purpose training mission for Jets

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DCS: World
F/A-18C Hornet

General purpose training mission for Jets

Автор - RafaleG
Дата - 18.01.2022 21:05:00
zone 1 : Flight training
zone 2 : Armament training (different types of targets for all Air to Air, Air to Ground / Sea weapons)
zone 3 : Real combat condition training (Armoured Vehicles, AAA, SAM and aircrafts shooting at you)

This mission is perfect for pilots who haven’t fly their bird for few months, or for pilots who just finished the tutorials and wants to perfect their use of the module. There are three zones on the map.

The aim of the first zone is to help you learn about the flight characteristics of your bird. There is a small slalom, a tanker and of course the canyons of Caucasus to help you practice your skills, with of course some tips that you can get to make useful exercices once in the air.
The second zone is a giant shooting range, with armoured targets, trucks, ships, and planes to destroy, using whatever armament you want to test. It is the perfect way to practice your system management and tactics skills.
The third zone is like the second one, but with active targets, that will try to put you down. With SAMs, AAAs, tanks, and fighter jets to shoot at, there is many ways to see if what you practiced in the two first zones were efficient.

IMPORTANT: When you jump into the mission, there is three planes (one for each zone) to choose. By default, those planes are F/A-18, but I invite you to change the module in the mission editor, so you can use the training range with whatever aircraft you want.

Installation: Unzip the “General_Purpose_Training_Mission” folder and put the .miz file in the mission directory located in “This PC > local Disk > Users > *your name* > Saved Games > DCS (or DCS.openbeta) > Missions”
Please Have fun ; )
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