KA-50 Autostart VoiceAttack script

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DCS: World 2.7

KA-50 Autostart VoiceAttack script

Тип - Утилита
Загрузил - Willy_Pete
Дата - 14.09.2021 20:59:32
A single command that can be used by Voice Attack to start the KA-50.  
Intended to dramatically cut down time compared to the Default Autostart method of LWin + Home.  

It's a single command using the vocal command "Startup".  
Edit the file and change it if to something unique if you think you might risk saying this during flight.  
VA free version permits 10 free commands.

IFF does not respond to keybinds currently, and manual states it is not functional. So click it yourself if you want it turned on.

The script is commented to describe what each keybind, or set of keybinds, does.  

Edit the script as you see fit.  
Recommended to do so and check that your keybinds match.  
I have used default keybinds.  

By default, VA uses the option to "Send command to Active Window".  
It is also worth it to make sure the option to send to DCS, which must be open in order to set that option.
You can find at the bottom of the editing page for the command.  
If you do not do this, selecting another window or application will instead send the key commands to that window instead of DCS in the background.  

The script will inform you when it is complete.  

Please edit this command as you require, provide credit if you use it in any other scripts that you distribute as a matter of courtesy.  
Please report any problems to me.  
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