CF-18 Demo Jet 2021

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F/A-18C Hornet

CF-18 Demo Jet 2021

Тип - Текстура
Автор - RaTzo90
Дата - 11.06.2021 01:41:56
The 2021 CF-18 Demo Jet is a thing of beauty. This skin has been designed using photographs to create dirt and markings according to the real jet.

Update. There some spot markers for my skin work on the skin. This update removes them. Sorry!

Great effort was made to make the graphics as accurate as possible. I did make one design change. The actual jet has Canada with the Canadian flag very small. I really don't like this so I have made it the same size as on the rest of the fleat of CF-18s.

Having worked on military aircraft for the majority of my life I am uncomfortable with "clean" skins because the only clean military aircraft are in museums.

Obviously this skin is a copy of the design of the original jet and not my own design. You can see the reveal and learn more about the actual jet here.

To install unzip into your Liveries folder.
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