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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang

WWII Pacific

Автор - baco30
Дата - 31.03.2021 19:02:47
Waiting for Marianas Map and Corsair, I collected many awsome mods related to the WWII in the Pacific and made this single mission....

Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) is moving a striking force against the strategic island of Sir Abu Nuayr (Code named: AF).
USN decripted the IJN plan and moved two Carrier Task Forces to intercept the Japanese fleet.
It's early morning 05.45.  6 recon planes callsign "Strawberry" 1 to 6 are already in flight scanning the ocean West of AF. They must spot enemy fleet by 06:20 at least. Two groups are expected: 1 strike force with 2 CV (Zuikaku and Shoukaku) and 1 BB (Yamato) plus another group with the invasion troops on LS cargo ships escorted by BB Musashi. Your task is to find and stop them.

Many Thanks to DOL, Hawkeye60, Markindel for the mods!

Required DCS Modules:  P51D - WWII Assets Pack - Persin Gulf Map

required community modules:
by DOL (https://forums.eagle.ru/profile/45607-dol/)
-    Japanese CV Zuikaku v 1.1 : http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_zuikaku/dcsw_zuikaku.html
-     A6M5 REISEN52 v1.3.1 (v2.0 does not work) and RAIDEN21 v1.6 , already included in .zip file

by Hawkeye60 and Markindel:
    - Japanese BB Yamato  v2.5.6
    - WWII DKM German Naval Squadron

by Hawkeye60:
    - CV6 Enterprise, CV13 Franklin and WWII Iowa Class 3 Battleships:

by Markindel:
-    Fletcher-class destroyer: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1240056/

For the above units I had to slightly modify the .lua file to make them playable in this mission.
For example: I had to deactivate (sett ammo=0) the naval guns of the ships because they kill fps tremendously; for the carriers I reorganized the parking spots and takeoff points.
For the A6M5 mod I reduced the eng power and AI max G-load: the original mod is based on the P51 performance and "Zero"'s weight which means 1.5 tons less and 500hp more, so it was unbeatable in dogfight.
Where I put a modification I wrote a note.

Liveries used
    - Japanese Ki-61 Hien "Tony" Fighter (Bf-109K-4) v1.1 by  Cypher1o1
    - 61st Sqdn P-47D 'Corsaint' by Sprool

Liveries included in the .zip file:
- Fury Fan Skin Spitfire LF Mk. lX USA by CREATIVE (I extended it to MkIXCW)
- Photo Recon P51D by Tintin.Fr (I just stuck the USN rosettes over the RAF ones)

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