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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet


Автор - Fonz_408
Дата - 05.03.2021 18:13:39
This mission will be a true test for all F18C DCS pilots, I would put this mission under Hard and it will involve you needing to know.


basic changing Comm CH
Navigation waypoint/Target Coordinates input ( PRECISE)
FLPOD usage
Failing FCS systems.. ( Easy to fix )
JDAM/GBU16/MAV-F usage  
Trim inputs
AAR if you need it
BVR with limited AARAM's aka 1
Radio commands Via F10 menu
and Emergency Supercarrier landing.

ALL ogg sounds have been made by me/ same skins as my other mission

do you have what it take's too.... STEP UP  

Mission Time Just over 1hr

:Please leave a comment so I know what I can improve for you guys:


As you know tensions are high in this AO ,And Iran late last night launched an unprovoked rocket attack on an US controlled military Airbase we lost 2 x F16 fighters and 3 US personal were injured.

We are hoping we can slip in and out before Iran even knows they have been hit, as you can see we have Drone images of the target however it was stuck by lighting in the bad weather, and the coordinates were lost,. The nerds are hard at it cleaning up the Flight recorder to get the coordinates we need.

there is No Air Threat at this stage but there will be 2 x F14 on alert 5 if need be. Very likely the target will be defended Via AAA and Man PADS try not to drop below 10,000Ft

your on the Ramp and ready to go. taxi to Cat 1 or Cat 2 and set your trim to 15L and 18R for takeoff due to the double ugly load out., then set out to waypoint 1 target is the small power station for Bandar-e -Jask Air Base

CODE Word for push attack: ORDER 66

CVN 73 :Tacan 73X
Texaco 1-1: 13x

Briefing in the Air : this mission is from the top and the Commander and Chief is watching this unfold from the situation room.

Good luck.
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