Rocket Buffs + F-5E Weapon Adjustments

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DCS: World 2.5
F-5E Tiger

Rocket Buffs + F-5E Weapon Adjustments

Загрузил - IntAgency
Дата - 26.02.2021 22:45:28
Doubles the explosive mass of Hydras, UB-32, and S-8. UB-32s are still pitifully useless, but S-8s and Hydras now have the ability to kill some lightly armored targets without direct hits. Slightly increases the explosive mass of Zunis, S-13s, S-24s and S-25s as well.

Since this already breaks IC, I decided I'd fix Schmidtfire's F-5E Weapon Adjustment Mod, which makes the M39 cannons more accurate, adds AIM-9Ls, and Zunis. If you don't want the F-5E weapons, they're separated from the rocket changes and can easily be deleted.

JSGME Ready but if you're interested;
Rocket changes and M39 Dispersion Fix are in DCS World (OpenBeta) -> Scripts -> Database -> Weapons -> warheads.lua for Rockets and shell_table.lua for M39
F-5E 9Lima + Zuni goes to DCS World (OpenBeta) -> CoreMods -> aircraft -> F-5E

Update 3/1/2021: I found out how to fix the M39 Dispersion change, making the F-5E oriented part of this mod an update to the F-5E Weapon Adjustment Mod
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