Czech Air Force MiG-21MF id 9801, udpate v.2

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Czech Air Force MiG-21MF id 9801, udpate v.2

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - gumidekcz
Дата - 14.02.2021 19:20:29
Very detailed skin of Czech Airforce MiG-21MF, 'Grey 9801', 4th Tactical AFB, 211th Squadron, Caslav AB, September 2004

So much workd done the create best textures with such limited number of available photo documentation.
All stencils are reproduced from 90%, 10% are copy from sister 9804 MiG-21.
Normal maps are edited to match real plane panels and covers, crews.
Specular maps (roughmet) textures refreshed and Russian stencils marks removed.
New main gear wheel discs
New 490L fuel tanks texture and normal map created to include addition cover in front part of tank.
New pylon texture for R-60 missile
Real photo:®istration=9801

Recommending to instal "Green" version of cockpit color from this link, to match external cockpit color:

Update v.2 changes:
Fixed wrong dark grey camouflage color tint (now it matches grey used on my 9804 skin)
Fixed texture and normal map on back spine (fasteners, panel lines, rivets)
Fixed some minor texture problems a two missing stencils
Improved panel lines all around the plane
Added Czech pilot texture
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