Queen Liz carrier 1.1.8a

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DCS: World 2.5
Queen Liz carrier 1.1.8a

Queen Liz carrier 1.1.8a

Автор - Joey45
Дата - 27.01.2021 18:29:38
The new Queen Liz Royal Navy carrier

New Queen Liz carrier

q) Did I make this?
a) no, it's a Turbosquid (Omegavision) model brought by a Squadron
q) How complete is this
a) about 98%, Some bits still need to be properly textured
q) What works on this
a) Lights are set for Nav, Launch and Recovery.
-CIWS work and can be controllable, haven't figured out how to rearm them
There is 3 liveries-
-Queen Liz
-Prince of Wale
-Plain unmarked
q) will there be a Cat 'n' Trap version?
a) yes. Just need to sort out a few code bits for player/client planes
q) what's broke or doesn't work?
a) AI Harriers can't take off with ramps (DCS bug) AI Landing can be..... interesting. Client spawn in MP, might spawn facing the bow.
- The Announcer Boards don't work, If peeps know how to make them work that'll be great
q) will this be kept updated
a) Depends on what the other 2 are like
q) has work stopped on the Hermes mod
a) NO, work is still on going and updating including the 60's CATBAR version see q4.
plus what I have learnt on the QE will be transferred to the Hermes and other mods
q) Who helped on this project
a) Joint Strike Wring.

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