F-5 (MiG-28) Kuznetsov Mission Template - Syria

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DCS: World 2.5
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F-5 (MiG-28) Kuznetsov Mission Template - Syria

Загрузил - spooky32
Дата - 20.01.2021 17:00:03
This blank mission template will spawn x4 F-5 client slots on the Admiral Kuznetsov which is not normally possible to do in the mission editor. Create your SP/MP mission around this base template for some fun naval operations with the F-5...or MiG-28 ;)

Landing again with the arrestor hook will also work fine.. however due to game limitations, takeoff is only possible *without* the ships wheel chocks as this breaks the landing gear.
You will need to start your takeoff run from the back of the ship to build good airspeed for the ramp.

Enjoy! (Don't take it seriously, it's a bit of fun)

Install in C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions
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