Bunny's HOTAS Reference Kneeboards

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DCS: World 2.5
Bunny's HOTAS Reference Kneeboards

Bunny's HOTAS Reference Kneeboards

Тип - Документ
Автор - BunnyClark
Дата - 05.01.2021 01:27:43
Kneeboard files with illustrated reference guides for complex HOTAS controls.

These are graphical quick reference kneeboards for aircraft with complex HOTAS controls. I included any multi-function buttons and multi-directional switches. Aircraft included are:

A-10C II
Mirage 2000C

Update 1-28-2021: Updated A-10C II to match changes in last Open Beta.

Update 3-29-2021: Updated Hornet AZ/EL Functions and CMS Semi Functions. Updated all modules to mark FWD & AFT switch directions to reduce ambiguity. Added a PDF of all files.


Drop the "Kneeboard" folder into your {User}\Saved Games\DCS folder, or add the contents of the Kneeboard folder to yours if it already exists.
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