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DCS: World 2.5

Bunny's Checklist Kneeboards

Тип - Документ
Автор - BunnyClark
Дата - 05.01.2021 01:05:29
Kneeboard checklist files for many modules.

These are the checklists I use for cold starting aircraft in DCS. They ignore all tests and checks, all switches that are preset by default, and include only what you need to get the plane started and ready to fly in DCS. The order of actions is based on the official manuals, Chuck's Guides, and my personal experience and preference. I've included both a PDF of all checklists and an ODT as well if you want to make changes yourself.

Checklists included:

A-10C Startup
A-10C II Startup
A/V-8B Startup
A/V-8B Takeoff
F-14A & B Pilot Startup
F-14A & B RIO Startup
F-16C Startup
F/A-18C Startup
JF-17 Startup
L-39 Startup
Mirage 2000C Startup


Drop the "Kneeboard" folder into your {User}\Saved Games\DCS folder, or add the contents of the Kneeboard folder to yours if it already exists.

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