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F-14 Tomcat
Iranian Tomcat CAP

Iranian Tomcat CAP

Автор - Egri
Дата - 27.11.2020 09:53:28
A short CAP mission in an Iranian F-14B

This is a very simple and short CAP mission in an Iranian F-14. I realize Iran never had F-14B's, but unfortunately I couldn't find a better livery for the A, and Heatblur is planning to release a seperate Iranian F-14, so when that comes out, I'll make a corrected version of this mission.
The mission is simple: 4 F-14's were ordered to take off and attack Iraqi and Syrian planes stationed at Shiraz Airfield
I've included a .txt in the main folder on how to install the livery and the mission

This is my very first mission, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Have fun!

Note: If you want to play the mission as realistically as possible, don't use fuel tanks. Iranian F-14's were missing fuel tank pylons.
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