New USAF Squadrons for pilot Logbook

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
New USAF Squadrons for pilot Logbook

New USAF Squadrons for pilot Logbook

Тип - Другой
Автор - greasemonkey98
Дата - 25.10.2020 21:33:31
Adds a few new squadrons and patches to your pilot logbook allowing you to simulate new assignments for your pilot's career.  Focusing on the F-16 Viper.

Version 4.5, the "Deployment Time" upd ate!

Lacking career options for your Viper driver?  Negotiations continue with the MPF so even more units are available for Viper drivers around the US Air Force and the US Navy!  Several Viper training squadrons are added, as is one flying training squadron for new officers in the pipeline.  1 new patch is added for the existing 8th Fighter Squadron as well.  

Version 4.5, deployment time.  It's time to collect that sweet, sweet hazardous duty pay and deploy to one of 2 Air Expeditionary Wings, or 2 new USAFE units.  Pack your gear, se t your bills on auto-pay and I'll see you on the flightline.  I will happily introduce many more units with patches on request or suggestion.

A readme file is included with installation instructions and includes more information on the units included.

Adds the:
8th Fighter Squadron's "Viper Driver" patch
50th Flying Training Squadron (Part of the undergraduate pilot training pipeline)
55th Fighter Squadron
57th Fighter Wing
64th Aggressor Squadron
77th Fighter Squadron
93rd Fighter Squadron
125th Fighter Squadron
138th Fighter Wing
157th Fighter Squadron
309th Fighter Squadron
314th Fighter Squadron
380th Air Expeditionary Wing
416th Flight Test Squadron
421st Fighter Squadron
422d Test and Evaluation Squadron
455 Air Expeditionary Wing
482nd Fighter Wing (For those aspiring STAN/EVAL pilots)
510th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron
555th Fighter Squadron.
VX-9 (For those officers wishing to transition to the Navy)
Air Force Weapons School Graduate patch (a very tough patch to get, a mark of peerless excellence among USAF pilots and WSO's)
Air Force Test Pilot School patch (another very tough patch and a mark of excellence among Air Force aircrew.
Viper Demo Team
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