Persian Gulf CASCAP infinite 2 (SP)

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DCS: World 2.5
Persian Gulf CASCAP infinite 2 (SP)

Persian Gulf CASCAP infinite 2 (SP)

Автор - toutenglisse
Дата - 11.10.2020 07:00
Update v5 : see changelog.
Multi-modules Single Player mission for Persian Gulf map, containing several randomized tasks and made from DCS and MIST scripting, and voiced with google TTS. Includes a modified version of "JTAC Autolase" script.
Modules supported : A10cII, F16c, F18c, Ka50, M2000c (and supercarrier).

Choose a coalition side, an airframe and a base that will define your area of operation.

All activity during mission will be commanded by the F10 radio menu item.
Completing tasks will give you "support points" that you can expense in "support aircraft" menu. You can for exemple respawn awacs, tanker, request an armed wingman with several loadouts, or a Jtac on task zone (for blue coalition). You start with an amount of points.
Completing 4 tasks will unlock a bonus "projection task" that you can call then whenever you want.

Good flights !

F10 radio menu gives access to :
Tasking - Air and ground - randomized tasks over area of operation. You'll also find here datas for actual task, and possibility to call markers and to skip task.
Training - Air - dogfight training with 2 options : Fox2 + guns or guns only.
Support aircraft - all support aircraft options. You need "support points" to call these options. When you buy a wingman you also have in this menu the commands to get info/control him (declare fuel, hold fire/regroup, free to fire, dissmiss of wingman).
Check score - check here your successfull tasks and support points.
Radio/Nav reminder - all datas you need relative to radio and navigation.
Jtac status - if you requested a Jtac on zone you'll know its actual target.

More in dept description of mission here :

Changelog :
v5 -    Addition of "Clear the Nest" ground task, for all supported modules. Several changes and adjustments.
v4 -     All Ka50 scripts : updated tasks "Courrier" and "Rescue downed crew" due to a bug that appeared with last openBeta update : collision with soldiers is damaging player's aircraft. Now soldiers never come too close to player's aircraft.
v3 -    Changed A10c to A10cII client slots, with A10cII Ai support wingmen and loadouts that includes Gbu-54 and APKWS.
    Updated mission to include latest Mist version (4.4.90).
    Fixed issue with trigger zones that increased size (trigger happening too soon) after completing some specific tasks.
    Changed several other things (adjusted AI skills for wingmen, all default client loadouts, orientation of fixed and mobil sams to cover all azimuth, tanker orbit speed reduced a bit for A10cII, some messages + audio for red side, ...)
v2 -     F16c script : support wingman loadouts modified (+ Mavs and Harms loadouts) - SEAD task and bonus task modified for Agm88c usage.
    M2000c script : modified text and audio for bonus task message.
    Fixed issue with "Jtac Status" menu disappearing when changing client slot.
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