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Aerodrome Data and Frequencies v1.3

Aerodrome Data and Frequencies v1.3

Тип - Другой
Автор - Minsky
Дата - 11.09.2020 03:53:25
Your F10 map for when you can't use the F10 map. Includes Syria, Persian Gulf, Caucasus, Nevada, The Channel, and Normandy.

v1.3 (24.12.2020) - Introducing "Lite" versions of all tables, now with the actual maps! Your trusty companion for multiplayer and VFR.

v1.2 (18.12.2020) - The Persian Gulf table has been revised after the latest DCS patch. Lots of new navaids and changed frequencies, be wary!


v1.3 (24.12.2020)
- Introducing "Lite" versions of all tables. They combine the absolute minimum of data with the absolute maximum of maps. A picture worth thousand words, so check out the screenshots. Or, if you prefer words, read the description below.
- The Channel table has been reworked once again: it now features a map, and the full amount of data. Simultaneously. Whoa!

v1.2 (18.12.2020)
- The Persian Gulf table has been revised for DCS Plenty of new navaids have been added, and even more ATC frequencies changed. We now also have the ATC service at Bandar-e-Jask and Sir Abu Nuayr, how cool is that?
- The magnetic headings' expiration date for all maps has been extended to 2025.

v1.1 (07.12.2020)
- The Channel table completely reworked.
- Night tables improved for better readability.
- Simpler explanation of magnetic headings across all tables.


This collection of kneeboard tables includes every radio frequency and each TACAN, VOR, NDB, ILS, RSBN, and PRMG beacon for all airfields in DCS, complete with GPS coordinates, elevation, precalculated magnetic heading for every runway, and more. The tables are available for every DCS map: Syria, Persian Gulf, Caucasus, Nevada, The Channel, and Normandy.

In addition to that, each table also has a "Lite" version with the most essential info placed over the actual map. Only the bare minimum of data has been kept: the relevant radio frequencies, VOR and TACAN (where available), coordinates, and the basic runways' layout. This should be enough for multiplayer and for a common VFR approach.

Everything is provided in day and night variants.

Таблица и карта для Кавказа также доступны на русском языке.

Created by Dmitriy Kozyrev


Q: Why have you included magnetic headings instead of true?
A: To put it simply, magnetic declination (a.k.a. magvar) depends on year, map and your position on that map. While it would be easier for me to simply copy & paste true headings from DCS and let the users do the math, I've decided to save you the hassle. There is a noticeable header at the very top of each table, telling you years for which magnetic headings from this table are valid for. Magnetic headings for modern maps (Syria, Persian Gulf, Caucasus, Nevada) are valid at least from 2016 to 2025. Magnetic headings for The Channel and Normandy are valid for decades after the 1940s. So most of the time you don't even need to think about it.

Q: But what if I'm flying modern Normandy or Cold War Caucasus?
A: There is a handy footnote at the very bottom of each table. Find your time period, and then subtract the provided value from (or add it to) the magnetic heading.

Q: What about "TRUE to MAG" at the top?
A: This is the magvar, given mostly for reference. For when you are, for example, using the ruler on the F10 map, and need to convert its true heading to magnetic.

Q: Some ILS seems not to work properly.
A: In most cases DCS will only activate ILS for the runway that has strong enough headwind. Contact ATC to check which runway is currently in use. Be aware that ATC can't tell right from left, so it will give you just "runway 30" instead of 30L or 30R. Another DCS quirk to keep in mind: even if both parallel runways are ILS-equipped, only one of these ILSes is actually useable. The other runway will always keep its "dummy" ILS disabled, regardless of weather. In the tables such ILSes are provided in gray font.

Q: I found an error or have a suggestion.
A: Feel free to contact me via email ( or at ED's forums (Minsky).
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