Larkin Aviation in Syria | 11-mission Civilian Campaign [UH-1H, Mi-8, SA342]

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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
Larkin Aviation in Syria | 11-mission Civilian Campaign [UH-1H, Mi-8, SA342]

Larkin Aviation in Syria | 11-mission Civilian Campaign [UH-1H, Mi-8, SA342]

Тип - Кампания
Автор - forestrat
Дата - 14.10.2020 10:08
The player takes on the role of a civilian helicopter pilot. Harry Larkin’s aviation business has fallen on tough times. Built up over decades, it’s now only days away from closure. His sons face an uncertain future, struggling to save the company their father spent his whole life building by doing various delivery and transport jobs throughout the city.

Larkin Aviation is an 11-mission campaign that was created with some audio from Bohemia Interactive's "Take On Helicopters" released in 2011 that takes place in Seattle, Washington.  While a little cheesy at times, it's fully voice-acted.

Any bugs, typos or suggestions, please let me know here, GOOD OR BAD.
The next update will be when the Kiowa comes out, so if I need to make some of the missions a little more ... realistic ... let me know.
I also added a few text-to-speech ATC instructions that I do not like.  Thoughts?  Should I bring back the constant ATC in the background?

This is essentially the same campaign as the Pursian Gulf version, but this is the only version I will continue to update.

Extract to your Saved Games\DCS folder.  Example:
C:\Users\ForestRat\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\Campaigns\en\Larkin Aviation in Syria (v1.0)

Thanks to the folks over at Bohemia for creating the original "Take On Helicopters"

-M04: Potential CTD when the whale spawns but it seems to work on 2nd attempt
-M07: Can't refuel on helipad

CORRECTIONS in (v1.0b):
-M02:  Gazelle no longer damaged during startup
-M05:  Adjusted end-mission helicopters
-M08:  Removed sneaky WWII asset
-M11:  Delayed C-130 spawn

If updating to the latest version, delete the original "Larkin Aviation in Syria (v1.0)" folder and replace with new one; your progress will be saved.
  (I'm learning having the version number in the folder name and .cmp file is troublesome for updates - I'll remove them when I add the Kiowa)
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