Little SoundMod for SRS (SimpleRadio Standalone)

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Little SoundMod for SRS (SimpleRadio Standalone)

Тип - Звук
Автор - Maxxox
Дата - 16.08.2020 09:08
I didn't really like the original sounds when pressing and release the radio button. That's why I've adapted two other soundfiles. The result for me is a little more natural and acoustically better to classify whether the radio call has started or ended.

Simply copy the two files to the following folder:   DCS-SimpleRadio-Standalone\AudioEffects

First save the originals!

Have fun!

Update: Added subfolders for different volumes. I prefer the -20dB Soundfiles, while using in SRS the Speaker Boost with 24dB. It's individuel! Test it out!
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