Mighty Wings - Top Gun - F-14 vs. A-4

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Mighty Wings - Top Gun - F-14 vs. A-4

Mighty Wings - Top Gun - F-14 vs. A-4

Автор - TheHighwayman
Дата - 12.06.2020 11:16
Here it is! The quick to play Top Gun mission you've always wanted. Fly as Maverick over the gorgeous desert landscape of Nevada and see if you can win against Jester, Viper, and the other instructors. You'll be joined by Iceman & Slider, Cougar & Merlin, and Wolfman & Hollywood.

This mission features variable triggers to provide some variety and replayability, as well as some surprises in a couple permutations. Be ready for anything!

The freeware community A-4 Mod is required. This mission is designed to be quick and fun, and something you will want to fly again and again to scratch that Top Gun itch. I can also make a modified version with airstart and faster action, if requested, or multiplayer. Happy to do that.

Your comments are welcome and encouraging, so speak up if there's a question, concern, comment, or change you'd like me to make. I am responsive to your feedback and requests. Also, don't be shy if something is broken.
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