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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Operation Earnest Will

Operation Earnest Will

Тип - Кампания
Автор - spikegondorff
Дата - 10.06.2020 20:40:50
Operation Earnest Will is a story driven, 11 mission campaign for the F-14B Tomcat.  Earnest Will was a real life operation by the United States to assist neutral oil tankers during the Iraq-Iran War.  This campaign takes place during that operation, and although based loosely on historical events, isn't in any way factual (as far as I know, the Tomcat had minimal impact during the operation).  

It's heavily scripted, so following directions is required.  You will have some A-A combat, A-G runs, intercepts, and a few other things. Mission specific kneeboards are also in the .rar file of the download.  It also has a very rudimentary save system that will hopefully be useful for people with limited time and/or patience (like me).  

Feedback is appreciated, and if you have any issues or problems, please let me know.  

I hope you enjoy!

On September 22nd, 1980, Iraq invaded Iran.  Despite initial successes, Iraq was eventually repulsed by Iran, and by 1982, any lands gained initially by Iraq were retaken by Iran.  The war dragged on for several more years with no clear victor.  

Both sides attempted to disrupt the other's ability to sell oil.  In 1984, Iraq attacked Kharg Island, home of most Iran's oil processing facilities, and continued to attack the island and other oil production sites in the Gulf for the remainder of the war.  In response, Iran began to attack tankers carrying Iraqi oil.  These included Kuwaiti and Saudi tankers, which were targeted for carrying oil fr om Iraq.  This snowballed into more Gulf states unofficially siding with Iraq, and Iran increasing its naval activities to stop Iraq's ability to sell oil.  The US had threatened to get involved if the Strait of Hormuz was ever closed to oil shipments, which is what Iraq may have been hoping for when attacking Iranian oil targets in the Gulf.  Although Iran never closed the Strait, both sides escalated attacks on the tankers. This sub-war of the Iran-Iraq War eventually became known as the Tanker War.  

By the end of 1986, after hundreds of tankers had been damaged and hundreds of civilian sailors killed, Kuwait petitioned the USSR and NATO countries to help protect its tankers and rights to navigate the Gulf in peace.  Both the USSR and the United States agreed to help.  The US began sending its Navy into the Gulf to escort Kuwaiti tankers, but due to US law, required that those tankers be reflagged as US tankers.  

On May 17th, 1987, the USS Stark (Oliver Hazard Perry class) was attacked and severely damaged while in the Persian Gulf.  Although the ship did survive, 37 sailors were killed, and an additional 21 were wounded in the attack.  Initial reports pointed to Iran, but it was an Iraqi Mirage that fired 2 anti-ship missiles.  Iraq apologized for the mistake, and claimed they executed the pilot who attacked the Stark.  This attack led to an increase in US forces under the name Operation Earnest Will, which officially began on July 23rd, 1987.  

On August 3rd, the USS John C Stennis entered the theater to provide support in Operation Earnest Will.  

Designer's Notes:
Updated on 2021/03/03
--Fixed issue on Mission 9 where friendly forces weren't very friendly.

Updated on 2021/02/20
--Fixed Mission 7 trigger that no longer was tracking runway damage.  Airbase name in the mission editor changed, updated the script to use new name.
--Added radio trigger in Mission 7 so you can always track the health of the runway.
--Reworked the laser from JTAC in Mission 4 and it is firing at the correct targets.
--Tweaked AI tasks in Mission 4 so that they should (hopefully) drop their bombs.
--Mission Editor changed the name of Silkworm missiles, so many triggers failed in Mission 8.  Changed the triggers to the new missile name, and should work correctly.

Updated on 2020/07/30
--Tested on Stable,
--Lessened the damage needed to trigger success in Mission 7 (thanks Sterh25!)
--Tweaked QNH to be more realistic (thanks darkjedi!)
--Changed to earlier start time in Mission 2 to ensure CASE I recovery and hopefully remove funkiness with the carrier not responding when trying to land (thanks prichardgs and GunSlingerAUS).

Updated on 2020/07/26
--Fixed bug with stable build that prevented GasCan from taking off in Mission 2
--Fixed incorrect carrier TACAN for Mission 1

Updated on 2020/07/12
- tweaked landing parameters so the mission success should trigger properly.

Updated on 2020/06/16
- added 2nd campaign with the Super Carrier.  Zipped file now contains 2 folders, one called SC (which, unsurprisingly, contains the Super Carrier in the missions), and the other, called NonSC (which, also not shocking, does not contain the Super Carrier).
- tweaked loadouts in early missions containing Phoenix pylons with only Sparrows.

This was created and tested on the Stable build.  As of February 20th, 2021,

The requirements for each mission success include triggering all the victory conditions and landing successfully.  While the expectation is that you land on the carrier, the scripting only requires that you land (you could probably ditch in the ocean and have it count, but I haven't tested it).  If you feel the trip back to the carrier is too long, you can land at any airport and (assuming you completed the rest of the objectives) succeed the mission.  The only thing you may miss by landing at an airport instead of the carrier is some chatter.  

Getting the AI to do what I want is annoying and frustrating.  So all triggers are based on the Player.  If the mission is for your sortie to destroy 4 things, the only thing that needs to be destroyed is what is tasked to the Player.  If all your wingmen crash into each other, run out of fuel and ditch, or spontaneously combust, it won't matter for your mission.  As long as you complete the specific objective and land, you win.  

There are no voiceovers, as I lack the skill, technical knowledge, and Nick Grey's (or even Wags') voice.  If you have the skill, technical knowledge, voice, and desire to help, please let me know.  

I have attempted to create a very basic save system for the campaign.  I haven't seen this done before, but if it has, I apologize for the incoming lengthy description of how it works.  

For those of you not aware how the DCS campaign builder works, the Results (not Score) at the summary screen after a mission determines what happens next.  If the Results are between 0-49, you move back.  If it's 51-100, you move forward.  If it's an even 50, you remain in the same stage and (generally) replay the same mission.  

What I've done is create 2 missions per stage.  The first is the cold start, have-to-do-everything mission.  The second is a variation of that same mission that starts you airborne and closer to the action.  The first time you start a new mission, your Results will be 0.  As you fly the mission, your Results will move up to 50.  Completing the mission (objectives completed and landed) will net you Results of 100.  If you die, wingman shoots you down, wife/kids scream at you in exasperation of your simming hobby, you can continue from a specific checkpoint in the mission provided your Results = 50.  

For example, in the 3rd mission of the campaign, you are required to defend a ship.  Flying there with afterburners will drain your fuel, and you are required to AAR from a nearby tanker.  Getting close to the tanker will trigger the Results = 50, so if you hate refueling, or just need to quit, you can exit the mission.  When you play the “next” mission in the campaign, you will be flying close to the tanker with full fuel, ready to complete the rest of the mission.  

The caveat to this is that you can move back in the campaign.  Which means if you crash, die, girlfriend screams at you, etc. before you trigger the Results = 50, then your Results will be 0.  If this happens and you don't want to replay the previous mission, you MUST click “Close” on the summary screen (button in the bottom left).  If you click the green “End Mission” button on the bottom right, you will fail the mission and move back in the campaign.  

Using the example from the 3rd mission above, if you die before getting close to the tanker, your Results = 0 and you will move back to the previous mission in the campaign if you hit the “End Mission” button in the summary screen.  So, please, only hit the “End Mission” button when your Results are 50 – 100.  Otherwise, hit “Close.”

Hopefully that makes sense.  If not, please let me know.  

I've used these 2 user files for skins for Iranian and US Tomcats.  You don't have to use them, but you will see the default skins.  


Jolly Rogers skins

Many, many, many thanks go out to many, many, many people.  Everyone who helped develop MOOSE, and everyone on the MOOSE and Hoggit Discords and ED Forums.  Pikey, Funky Frank, Hard Card, Grimes, and Flight Control answered so many questions that turned up in my Google searches.  Viper39 created the excellent CombatFlite tool.  Bruce_D for scripting how to determine runway damage.  59th_Jack and sadjad_vosoul for the skins.  And everyone at ED for creating this sim, including all the other mission/skin/tool creators out there constantly making the sim better.   And last, but certainly not least, to Heatblur for making the best module in the DCS stable of aircraft!!!
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