Spitfire VR Friendly Prop

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DCS: World 2.5
Spitfire LF Mk. IX
Spitfire VR Friendly Prop

Spitfire VR Friendly Prop

Автор - Mnemonic
Дата - 06.06.2020 08:11
Mostly transparent textures for rotating prop, keeping the yellow propeller ark visible.
This removes reprojection bugs from the canopy frame and aiming sight when prop is spinning at every engine setting.
Additionally prop textures resized and saved with DX-3 compression to further improve performance in VR.

First version, didn't tested for multiplayer integrity check compatibility.
So use at your own risk!

To install, just unpack into DCS installation folder, replacing SpitfireIXc.zip file
Backup SpitfireIXc.zip first!

Happy flying!
Made by Maxim Lysak (Mnemonic) in 2020
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