Red Flag Hornet Mission 02 - by Sedlo (version 2.02, updated June 10, 2022)

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Red Flag Hornet Mission 02 - by Sedlo (version 2.02, updated June 10, 2022)

Загрузил - SEDLO
Дата - 28.05.2020 02:42:33

Version 2.02 -  Fixed radio bug introduced with latest Open Beta.


* Instructions:  Unzip this into your C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions folder.  
* There are two missions inside, one starts cold and dark, the other in the air.  You can sel ect the airstart version initially, or load it fr om in game during the cold start version.
* Documents inside the zip file.


My name is SEDLO, and my goal is to create some of the most realistic DCS missions you can find anywhere.  

In order to get the most from my missions, keep in mind the following notes:

−    Realistic communications are set to on.  This means you will have to tune your radios to the proper channels/frequencies in order to make any progress.  Make sure to know your keybinds for transmitting fr om COMM1 and COMM2.  
−    All communications have subtitles in the upper right of the screen.  Upon reaching a point wh ere you must change your radio channel/frequency, or need to respond to someone via the radio, the last subtitle will remain on the screen until you do the required action.  So if you find yourself stuck, take a look up and see if there is a subtitle remaining above.
−    Do NOT change any of your weapons or weapons of the AI.  Many triggers in this mission are based on the type of weapon carried or fired, and messing with these will break the mission.  Please don’t do it.
−    Fly your planned route unless told to do otherwise.  Some of the triggers require you to fly to and from specific waypoints, so do your best to keep within your flight plan.  Of course, if you get bounced by IVAN, kick his ass.  THEN go back to your route.
−    You’re flying a simulated fighter aircraft, for goodness’ sake, do the overhead break when you get back to base.
−    The AI is AI.  That means, many of the times they will not do what you want them to, run out of fuel, or just fart around.  But then again, sometimes they will totally help you.  
−    HAVE FUN!



The civil war within the country ORANGE has been raging for several years now, killing up to 100,000 civilians and displacing more than 2 million people.  It is the most profound humanitarian disaster of the new millennium, and one that the world community has been ineffective at preventing or policing.

The authoritarian ORANGE leader has been making gains in recent weeks, taking back territory, both in the moderate REBEL held territory and the self-proclaimed nation of the TSARIST HEURISTIC COURTS (THC).

With their new-found success on the battlefield, ORANGE forces have been exacting a terrible retribution on the civilians left behind.  The ORANGE forces are now just 30 miles away from the COALITION military and civilian aid outposts in the eastern part of ORANGE.  The COALITION has indicated that we will not abandon our position within ORANGE, and that ORANGE forces must stop their advance immediately.

The approaching ORANGE forces are putting the COALITION anti-THC operation in jeopardy.  Non-essential COALITION forces are retrograding east, while COALTION Special Forces and conventional troops remain behind near RACHEL.

The COALITION is also very concerned with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and have declared that any use of WMD within the country of ORANGE will be a step across a “Fence in the Desert”, and will be met with an overwhelming COALITION military response.

Complicating matters is the fact that the ORANGE military and government is being propped up by the nation of RED.  The RED government sees the crisis as an opportunity to both flex its muscle in the world, and to secure a strong position for itself in the strategically critical NTTR.  RED military advisors have trained and equipped ORANGE military units with the latest in technology, both for ground warfare and anti-aircraft capabilities.

Intelligence has indicated that RED forces are not only training the ORANGE military, but that RED forces are actually operating and fighting with this modern equipment.
RED air forces have now arrived in theatre and are based at TONOPAH TEST RANGE (KTNX), complimenting an already impressive ORANGE air force capability.

COALITION air power is continuing to arrive in theatre, based primarily at NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE (KLSV), with the mission is to provide support to COALITION forces on the ground inside ORANGE and to defend the civilians that lay in the path of the ORANGE leader.



Intelligence has obtained information that ORANGE military forces are preparing to transport WMD from an airfield in RANGE 75W.  The COALITION is determined not to let the ORANGE forces move these weapons into a position wh ere they could threaten civilians or our own military forces near RACHEL.

The COALITION has decided to strike at these immediately, without waiting for the cover of darkness.

Tornado GR4 aircraft will ingress at low level and bomb the facilities at RANGE 75W with a low-level run in, pop up attack utilizing 1000lb laser guided bombs.  
The attack will be escorted by F-15s, CF-18s and F-16s for defense against airborne threats, will the F-16CJs will provide initial SEAD suppression.  Airborne AWACS, tanker and C3 support will also be part of the package, along with ground based electronic warfare and even a targeted cyber assault.



A high-pressure system continues to bring VFR weather across the region.  Winds generally moderate from the northwest but with increasing speed and associated turbulence into the late afternoon.  Visibility 7 miles are greater are forecast.

No significant cloud cover expected. The temperatures are in the upper 30s to lower 40s, so check your density altitude tables.
Contrail altitude anticipated to be approximately 30,000ft.

KLSV 220000Z AUTO 34007 10SM CLR 37/M08 A2971
KTNX 220000Z AUTO 31017 7SM CLR 40/M08 A2974
KXTA 220000Z AUTO 36010 10SM CLR 39/M08 A2973



ORANGE air defense assets are on a high state of alert, with ORANGE and RED CAP flights noted throughout the day.  It is anticipated that this strike will encounter both hostile air forces and also SAM/AAA throughout the AO.

RED and ORANGE air forces based at TONOPAH include MiG-29 and SU-27 fighter aircraft, along with the IL-78 MIDAS AWACS.  The RED SU-27 fighters are confirmed to be armed with the latest generation R77 missiles, which may pose a significant threat to COALTION aircraft.

RED/ORANGE surface based threats include a fixed SA-2 site west of RACHEL, which is scheduled to be targeted by BUSTER 23 and 24 shortly after push time (01:45 ZULU).
The RED/ORANGE OOB includes mobile SAMS, including SA-11, SA-6, SA-8, ROLAND and possibly RAPIER batteries.

- MANPADS can be expected throughout the area.
- Radar guided and optical AAA can be expected throughout the area.
- Ensure your countermeasures are set well before push time.



FOCUS 1 (E-3C Sentry) will provide AWACS support to all coalition aircraft.  They will be operating on UHF preset 13 (234.325).

TEXACO 11 is the dedicated boom tanker for DODGE and CHEVY flights.  They are operating in the vicinity of waypoint 4.

ALLEYCAT will control the entry and exit of the ranges.  Expect to be pushed to them after departure and upon checkout from FOCUS.



Between the hours of 01:45 Zulu and 02:30 Zulu, ROE weapons free on all ORANGE and RED military targets within the area of operations.  
Outside of these hours, ROE weapons tight, do not fire unless fire upon.



•    Expect the FYTTR departure off runway 03 at KLSV with the FLEX turnout.  
•    Expect to be pushed to departure after Dodge 14 gets airborne.
•    Check in with ALLEYCAT when instructed.  Tanking is available prior to push or after egress (or both).
•    After check in with FOCUS, expect to orbit the hold and push from waypoint 6 at 01:45.
•    When egressing the target area, head towards waypoint 10, that’s you’re exit from the Red Flag exercise area.
•    On arrival, expect to be cleared direct ACTON > APEX > Visual approach to runway 21L or 21R at KLSV.
•    BULLSEYE is waypoint 14.
•    Have fun!

note from sedlo:

I hope you enjoyed flying my RED FLAG VIPER mission.  I had a lot of fun making it.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please email me at:

I also gratefully accept donations towards the cause.

Or you can get a hold of me through the Eagle Dynamics forum, my user name is SEDLO.

Have a great day!

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