SuperCarrier F18/F14 Free Flight

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
SuperCarrier F18/F14 Free Flight

SuperCarrier F18/F14 Free Flight

Автор - NavyBlueClutch
Дата - 21.05.2020 03:22
Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

I decided to make a small free flight to include the Supercarrier today on launch.

This mission can be used for just general practice and to see how the new mechanics work ie. Pattern work, launch and recovery, and just to mess around.
I can add Targets to attack or Redair in the future.
When you start the mission there will be two choices, the Hornet and the Tomcat. Once you spawn i recommend to taxi quickly behind CAT 3 or 4 to make way for the AWACS and Tanker to taxi out onto the front CATS. Two flights of cap will fly off the deck and orbit for a couple hours just to add to the immersion and who doesnt love watching these beauties fly off the deck.

This is my first mission so please if you guys see anything wrong or would like to see something added let me know and ill see what i can do!

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