Operation Moolah MiG-15 '616'

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Operation Moolah MiG-15 '616'

Operation Moolah MiG-15 '616'

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Автор - KJ_Flyguy
Дата - 01.05.2020 15:10:01
'616' was a North Korean MiG-15 until its pilot defected to Kimpo Airbase, South Korea, in 1953.

This livery depicts '616' during 11 days of testing at Kadena Air Base, Japan, immediately following the defection.

Operation Moolah was an effort by the US government to pay $100K to any defecting MiG-15 pilot. ‘616' was promptly tested and evaluated for all strengths and weaknesses at Kadena Air Base. Its pilot, Lt. No Kum-Sok, was eventually rewarded with the promised $100 and political asylum. '616' now resides permanently in the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The aircraft is on display in its original North Korean Air Force markings.

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