F/A-18C Enhanced Checklist v1.2

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
F/A-18C Enhanced Checklist v1.2

F/A-18C Enhanced Checklist v1.2

Тип - Документ
Автор - ohyeah2389
Дата - 22.05.2020 11:53
This is an enhanced checklist for the F/A-18C Hornet. It includes optimized startup, takeoff, cruise, fence in/out, refueling, approach, and landing checklists.

Inspired by Sydy's checklists in style and function. Information has been sourced from Sydy's checklist, with modifications and optimizations by me. Fairly WIP, still needs testing. Suggest any improvements in the comments.

v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Fire test second batt cycle, lights and INS optimizations, radalt bit, EW mode optimization, rearm/repair canopy close.
v1.2 - Bleeds cycle optimizations, cockpit lights, trim reset, new LTDR mechanics, salute/launch for SC/free carrier, RADAR/FLIR/LTDR/LST OFF in shutdown, DDI/MPCD/HUD shutdown typo.

Drop all image files into your Saved Games\DCS\kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet folder. If it does not exist, create it.
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