JF-17 - Grey Cockpit

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DCS: World 2.5
JF-17 - Grey Cockpit

JF-17 - Grey Cockpit

Автор - IRRE Storfyr
Дата - 02.05.2020 11:47
I felt the light grey panels were kind of dull, so I made a darker version.

I felt the light grey panels where kind of dull, so I made a darker version.

Some of the textures are still temporary in Deka's original files, so some of the different components shares the same texture (the throttle base and some other metal parts for example). This might change in the future I will try to keep this mod updated as best as I can.

Enjoy ;)

Installation :

Step 1 : place the "Liveries" folder in C:\Users\{your-user-name}\Saved Games\DCS folder and overwrite.
Step 2 : Go to OPTIONS > SPECIAL Tab > JF-17 row.
     Select "Grey cockpit" fr om Cockpit Language pull-down menu.
     Click "OK".
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