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DCS UFC (Android app) 1.0.2021.1126

Тип - Утилита
Автор - pet333r
Дата - 26.03.2020 14:59:46
App for control UFC / ICP panels for some DCS modules
Direct link to file in Play Store:

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Control panels (UFC / ICP / other panels) for DCS World. For working You need to download and install Lua export script for DCS World from here:


Detailed information on how to add a script to DCS World can be found on the same page

Supported panels:
- A-10C: UFC & EW & scratch pad
- A-10C: UHF Radio AN/ARC-164
- A-10C: AHCP
- A-10C: CDU & AAP
- A-10C: CMSC
- A-10C: CMSP
- AJS-37 Viggen: CK-37
- AJS-37 Viggen: Navigation panel
- AV8BNA Harrier: UFC & HUD
- AV8BNA Harrier: Armament Control Panel
- Ka-50: PVI-800 & ABRIS buttons
- Flaming Cliffs 3: SPO-15 Beryoza
- F-16C Viper: ICP
- F-16C Viper: CMDS & RWR panel
- F-16C Viper: DED Display (in portrait mode with ICP or standalone)
- F-16C Viper: Right console (SNSR / HUD / LIGHTING)
- F-16C Viper: UHF Radio AN/ARC-164
- F/A-18C Hornet: UFC & HUD panel + ALR-76 buttons
- F/A-18C Hornet: IFEI & Jettison
- F/A-18C Hornet: right console (ELEC / ECS / SNSR)
- F/A-18C Hornet: lighting panel (internal / external)
- F-14B: Pilot: ACMP / Displays / Lights / Engines / VDI
- F-14B: RIO: CAP
- F-5E: Caution panel
- F-5E: Radar Warning System
- JF-17 Thunder: UFC & HUD panel
- JF-17 Thunder: AAP
- JF-17 Thunder: internal/external lighting panels
- JF-17 Thunder: 3x MFCD (OSB buttons, selection in the context menu)
- Mirage 2000C: INS & PCA
- Mirage 2000C: PPA
- Mirage 2000C: V/UHF
- T-45C Goshawk: UFC

- Navigation on Google Maps with F1-F12 buttons

- MFD's for: A-10C / A-10C II / AV8BNA / F/A-18C / F-16C / T-45C (OSB buttons/automatic module detecting)
- caution panels: A-10C / A-10C II / AV8BNA / AJS-37 / F-14A / F-14B / F/A-18C / F-16C / F-5E / JF-17 / M2000C / FC3

In development:
... too many others to count;-)

What's new in this version:
- AV8 UFC: the "clicking" area of the ODU buttons has been enlarged (now you can click on the button or the LCD)
- AV8 UFC: added ODU displays in vertical mode (to "click" tap on a given LCD)
- AV8: HUD switch area has been enlarged
- F-14: added VDI indicators on the ACMP panel
- F-14: added gun ammo count indicator
- F-14: 'Lights' and 'RIO CAP' panels have been updated to support the latest version of the module
- F-14: improved text display on devices with smaller screens
- F-16C: fixed MAL IND LTS switch on the 'Lighting' panel
- JF-17 INT LTS: fixed 'Consoles' knob
- graphics of some knobs/switches has been changed to new ones
- unnecessary files have been removed
- added Android 12 support
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